Why are some ring quotes higher than others? Part 4 – Understanding Reviews

laurie sarah why are some ring quotes higher than others

Understanding Reviews

You have found the love of your life – check. You know what you want your Engagement Ring to look like – check. Finding the right jeweler to make your ring dreams come true? Let’s see if we can mark that off your list too!

Many brides are choosing online jewelers to design their dream rings. How can you tell who is a legitimate jeweler, and who is here today and gone tomorrow? Reviews can help. But do all the reviews need to be 5 star? Surprisingly, not necessarily! Why?

Of course the majority of the jeweler’s reviews should be 5 star. You want to know that 95% of their customers are satisfied. But is it realistic that 100% should be 5 star? No. It’s a simple fact, that no matter how good the jeweler is, someone may not be happy. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the unhappiness was the result of the jeweler’s mistake, however. For example, we made a gorgeous Aquamarine Ring for a client, and made it exactly as she specified with an 8mm heart shaped Aquamarine. Upon receipt of the ring, we got angry, scathing emails from her about how the Aquamarine was WAY too big. She left a bad review. We confirmed with her that we had indeed made the ring as she had specified, but she must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, because even though we had done exactly as she had agreed to, her bad mood stuck.

What’s my point? It wasn’t our fault. But a customer was unhappy. We could have stuck to our policies and told her, “Nope, you got what you agreed to, and we’re not giving you your money back!” But then she would be unhappy. We hate unhappy. We calmly, and nicely gave her every penny back, even though that meant we were stuck with her ring.

You see, it’s not necessarily the negative review you need to worry about, but rather how the jeweler handles an unhappy customer. Why spend a little more with Laurie Sarah? Because we genuinely care about our customers and bend over backwards to make sure each and every one has a 5 star experience with us!

Here is the link to our reviews on our sister store, LaurieSarahDesigns.etsy.com:

Etsy Reviews

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