Why are some ring quotes higher than others? Part 2 – Will I be helped if I have a problem?

If the other jeweler gave you a less expensive quote, does that necessarily mean they’re cheaper? What about if you need to be helped with a problem?

You see, just like after you buy a car, there can be expenses after you buy a piece of fine jewelry. With your car, you might get a ding on the door, the oil may need to be changed, and you may have warranty issues. If your ring needs to be helped – anything from routine maintenance to repaired damage, choosing a jeweler who will be there for you is essential. If you choose the wrong jeweler, that feeling of euphoria you felt when you “got a good deal” on your ring will be short lived as you watch the repair bills stack up, and your stress level sky-rocket every time you have to deal with your jeweler.

Here at Laurie Sarah, we make high quality jewelry so that you don’t have problems in the first place. But if you do, we are known for our professional, caring customer service. We are here for you for life, no matter what the problem is! You can read more about our Lifetime Care Program here: Warranty Info .

What are some other factors to consider if you get a lower quote from another jeweler?

Part 3:

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