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Genuine Rectangular Cushion Peachy Pink Morganites Sizes 16x12mm – 10x8mm

Starting at $336.35 USD

Genuine loose AAA morganites, rectangular cushion cut, peachy pink color, in the size of your choice.

LSG1278-10×8 Average 10x8mm, minimum carat weight 2.82 carats
LSG1278-11×9 Average 11x9mm, minimum carat weight 3.32 carats
LSG1278-12×10 Average 12x10mm, minimum carat weight 5.14 carats
LSG1278-12×11 Average 12x11mm, minimum carat weight 7.11 carats
LSG1278-16×12 Average 16x12mm, minimum carat weight 9.63 carats

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