Why are some ring quotes higher than others? Part 3 – Buy Handmade.

laurie sarah why are some ring quotes higher than others

Buy Handmade

Why should you buy Handmade, especially when in general it costs more? Most of you buying from Laurie Sarah are buying Engagement Rings – the most important piece of jewelry you will ever own. What does your Engagement Ring symbolize? Love. Eternal Love. Commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness.

If price is the only consideration in buying a ring, you may actually be supporting everything opposite of what your engagement ring should symbolize. Many massive jewelry companies, because of greed, outsource their labor to countries that allow slave labor. Those that buy from these companies support greed, poverty, abuse of workers, child labor and selfishness – all qualities that you DON’T want associated with the ring that is supposed to symbolize the deep and true love you feel towards your fiance.

Keep in mind also, that unfortunately many companies out there are claiming that their jewelry is handmade when it isn’t. If the ring is cheap and shipping from China, they are not handmade…By buying from Laurie Sarah, you are supporting a small, family owned jewelry company. Laurie Sarah and her husband Avo design, create, and make each beautiful piece completely by hand. Their love of jewelry was what brought them together. Their love as husband and wife is reflected carefully in each piece, so that when the groom gets down on his knee, that love is carried on to another couple’s happiness.

Is Laurie Sarah more expensive than “the big corporate guys”? If you take into account the price of the workers many of them exploit, suddenly, paying a few extra dollars for an engagement ring that is ethically made doesn’t sound so expensive after all.

Thank you for supporting our family, our love, and ultimately for making this world a better place for all of us.

Laurie Sarah & Avo

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