Which size trillion is best for your engagement ring? Let Laurie Sarah help you choose!

loose genuine morganite 12mm and 10mm trillion peachy pink LSG1282

We give you only the best in morganite!  Eye clean, excellent luster, and gorgeous, rich color!  This blog shows you all the different sizes of trillion or triangle we offer.   It is shown with Morganite, but you can apply this to any gemstone or diamond you want.  Don’t see the size you want?  We can custom cut it for you!  Each size is featured on both a dark skin and light skinned model with a ring finger size of about size 6 for reference.


2 thoughts on “Which size trillion is best for your engagement ring? Let Laurie Sarah help you choose!

  1. mxwxdesign says:

    I sent my girlfriend some of the sizing images from the heart cut loose diamonds (just so she can get an idea of size, but I am getting her a trillion cut). She said 10mm with halo and 11mm without a halo.
    The ring I plan on getting her is the LS5837. Stone for LS5837 can be a trillion cut 8, 10, and 12mm. I’m fine spending the money on the biggest stone, but the thing is she has a 4.5 size ring finger. Her hands and fingers are very slender, dainty, and beautiful. I’m concerned that a 12mm will just look too huge and ridiculous. She said “I’m a total girl and I want people to KNOW I’m married.” I love and respect that, but as I mentioned I’m concerned that 12mm is just TOO for her finger/hands. Lastly, I’m trying to keep the element of surprise with in all this.
    Thanks so much for your advice and guidance!

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