Which color of Morganite goes best with which metal?

With Morganite created in so many gorgeous colors, how do you choose??  And what metal looks best with which color?  This blog should help.  As you scroll down, see if you can find the ones where the color of morganite is the same, but since it’s in a different color metal, look how it changes!  And scroll all the way down to see the last picture – our most unique combination to date!

Which is your favorite?  We can’t wait to start on your ring!


True pink pear morganite ring in 14k rose gold LS51385


Rich salmon pink oval morganite ring in platinum LS5609


Rich peachy pink morganite single halo ring in 18k rose gold LS3486


Rich peachy pink morganite engagement ring in 14k rose gold LS5310


Rich peachy pink cushion morganite and diamond ring in 14k rose gold LS5273

White Morganite (even the side stones!!) in 18k White Gold LS6146 & LS6082


Pure pink AAA morganite in 14k white gold LS3472


Pure peach no pink morganite engagement ring in platinum LS3881


Pure peach morganite engagement ring in 18k white gold LS4873


Peachy pink rectangular cushion morganite in 18k rose gold LS3660

Peachy pink pear cut morganite ring in 14k rose gold LS4897


Peachy pink cushion cut morganite in 18k yellow gold LS5226

Light pink pear shape morganite ring in 14k white gold LS4560


Light champagne peach platinum engagement ring LS4896


Lavender pink morganite in 14k white gold LS3357


Faint peach engagement ring in 14k white gold LS5303


Champagne morganite ring in platinum LS6079

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