Salt and Pepper Diamonds – What Are They? Laurie Sarah Explains

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds Laurie Sarah Explains

Did you know that diamonds come in almost every color of the rainbow?

Nature makes such gorgeous things!

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are a color of diamond that feature different shades of blacks, grays and whites! How does nature do this?

When a diamond is dug out of the ground, it could at first be mistaken for just a lumpy rock. Here are some examples of rough, uncut diamonds!

Rough Diamonds and how they look by Laurie Sarah

Before a rough diamond is cut, the cutter will determine what color the diamond is in order to know how to cut it. Traditionally, in the past, only white diamonds were kept. Imperfections meant the diamond was “worthless,” and it was thrown away. Not anymore! With so many consumers shying away from the traditional white diamonds nowadays, they are embracing these so-called imperfections. Why?

Not only do imperfections (or birthmarks, as I like to call them) make each diamond completely unique, but many people embrace the idea that all people also have “birthmarks” that make them beautiful. Relationships are also not “perfect,” but have their own unique challenges. So Salt and Pepper Diamonds have come to represent a “Perfectly Imperfect Relationship,” embracing what makes each couple unique.

What about how a Salt and Pepper Diamond is cut? You are most likely familiar with how a White Diamond is cut. It has a flat, tapered top, and then a pointed back, like the one in the picture:

How a traditional white diamond is cut by Laurie Sarah

Salt and Pepper Diamonds have a whole different cut! Typically they are cut into geometric shapes, and the top is Rose Cut – a style of cut featuring large steps of facets and a flat back.

How is a Salt and Pepper Diamond Cut by Laurie Sarah

You may also notice that your Salt and Pepper Diamond has divots and fissures on its surface. These are not cracks in the diamond, but rather places where the cutter stopped polishing. Once the diamond is cut, they polish it. With traditional White Diamonds, they will continue polishing until all the divots in the surface of the diamond are gone. But in Salt and Pepper Diamonds, they purposely leave some of the divots exposed. Just one more way to exhibit their unique qualities!

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Liona Collection Salt and Diamond Jewelry by Laurie Sarah

Congratulations to all our Laurie Sarah Salt & Pepper Diamond Brides and Grooms!

Rose Gold Salt and Pepper Engagement Ring by Laurie Sarah
Salt and Pepper Diamond Kite Cut Engagement Ring Laurie Sarah Bride
Emerald Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Bridal Set from Laurie Sarah
Pear Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Laurie Sarah

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