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Serina Collection Bridal set customized with no side halo

$250.00 USD

This is a custom order link for Walter Johnson,

Your order includes Fully Insured Shipping via UPS, free jewelry cleaner, designer packaging, and most importantly, our Lifetime Care Plan.  See it all here!

What is Included with your Laurie Sarah Purchase


The total amount due will be $1,839.00 and will be paid as follows:

$250.00 due to create the computer sketches of your rings for you. PAID 08/21/21 (refunded 09/21/21)

$794.50 due upon your approval of the computer sketches to make the rings.  PAID 09/07/21 (refunded 09/21/21)

$1,589.00 PAID 10/28/21

$250.00 due to ship the rings.

You will receive the exact rings that are described below. Since these are the details that will be used to make your order, if you see anything that needs to be changed, please let us know right away.

1. Your rings will be made in size 6
2. Your rings will be cast in solid 14k rose gold
3. Your set will be LS6085 as is but with no side halo of stones on the engagement ring.  Also, all side stones will be genuine Charles and Colvard Moissanite.
4.  The rings will have the same look as the original LS6085 (second picture) once set.
5. You have indicated that you want the rings in your hands by: (let us know if there’s a particular date you need them by)

All payments are non-refundable on custom orders. The 5 day money-back guarantee also does not apply. This is because as you make payments, we purchase parts towards your creation that are non-refundable to us. However, please rest assured that once you receive the rings, if you have any questions, we will do everything in our power to make you happy.  Unless otherwise stated, we may take a mold of your custom piece to use in the future.

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