Morganite Treatment – Is morganite treated?

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We’re so glad you love Morganite! Here are some quick tips on Morganite Treatment.

According to GIA, Morganite might be treated, or it might not be. If it is, only heat is used as a treatment which is a pretty generally acceptable treatment of most colored gems.

Why would morganite be heat treated?

As you can see in the stunning picture above, Morganite can come in many gorgeous hues of peaches and pinks. If the Morganite you are looking at is more on the peachy side (displaying hues of yellows or oranges), you are probably looking at a Morganite that has not been heat treated.

When a Morganite is heated, it is almost always done to bring out the pink color in the gem. Heat drives off the yellow or orange hues, leaving behind only the pink hues. So the more pink your Morganite is, the more likely it has been heated.

Heat treatment is not detectable, does not fade, and does not hurt the beauty or value of the gem.

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