Morganite Care and Cleaning

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Caring for your beautiful Morganite jewelry is easy. Because Morganite is 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, it is a relatively hardy gemstone. Follow these basic guidelines for Morganite Care and Cleaning, and your Laurie Sarah Morganite Jewelry will stay beautiful for generations to come.


Anytime you take your Morganite jewelry off, store it in a safe, secure place. Place it in a jewelry pouch or your Laurie Sarah jewelry box so that it won’t get scratched or bumped against other pieces of jewelry.


We recommend always cleaning your Morganite jewelry with our Laurie Sarah Jewelry Cleaner. Why? The company that makes our jewelry cleaner was founded by a gentleman that loved creating opal jewelry. But opals are so sensitive to chemicals that finding a safe jewelry cleaner was next to impossible. So the formula he created for our jewelry cleaner is specifically made so that it is safe with every diamond and gemstone there is. So you never have to worry about damaging your jewelry while cleaning it!

Before you use the soft brush to clean your jewelry, check for loose stones. Just in case a stone is loose, you should always brush your jewelry over a bowl so that if a stone falls out, it can be retrieved and replaced.

Another thing we offer that makes cleaning even easier and deeper is our Laurie Sarah Ultrasonic Cleaner

If your morganite just isn’t quite coming clean, treat yourself to a professional Laurie Sarah cleaning once in awhile. Nothing quite replaces our years of experience in bringing back the sparkle and shine to your beautiful jewelry!

One thing of note.  From the feedback from our customers, certain cosmetics or lotions may be more likely to stick to morganite than others.  When this happens, the morganite can become dull looking.  The morganite itself is fine, it just gets a layer on it that usually will come off with our cleaner.  But sometimes it takes a professional cleaning to remove it.

For those of you who choose morganite for budget reasons, or for its meaning, the extra cleanings are well worth it.  Or some have chosen to upgrade to sapphire which is discussed in this blog HERE.


Light heat exposure should not affect Morganite, but more intense heat exposure can fade its color.

Morganite can be cleaned in ultrasonic or steam cleaners, but use caution as it can exaggerate existing fractures in the stone.

Do not expose Morganite to hydrofluoric acid.


For more tips on keeping your jewelry safe and sparkly, please see our Laurie Sarah Basic Jewelry Care blog.

Do you have any questions? Contact us any time you need us.

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