“I took it to my local jeweler, and…”

laurie sarah designs i took it to my local jeweler and

Every once in awhile, we get an email from a client telling us that, “I went to my local jeweler, and they said bad things about my Laurie Sarah ring.” From there, the client goes on to describe any number of slanderous things the “jeweler” said. This is Laurie Sarah – Vent time!

Here are some things to keep in mind if you choose to take your ring to your local jeweler (disclaimer – there are many wonderful jewelers out there – this post is aimed at the ones who will do anything for a sale):

1. You didn’t buy your ring from him. He’s not happy about that. If he can make you doubt your ring is real, or can make you think it’s bad in any way, he is hoping that you will come screaming back to us, demand a refund, and then go buy a ring from him. We see this all the time.

2. Anyone can call themselves a jeweler. You heard me right. Anyone. There are no standardized tests or credentials that need to be obtained (like for example a Doctor does) for someone to give themselves the title of “Jeweler”.

3. It used to be that when you walked into a jewelry store, it was run by people who did have actual credentials and expertise. While those storefronts do still exist, they are a dying breed. Most of the people in jewelry stores today are people with no formal jewelry training, and no jewelry credentials of any kind. What they are trained in is sales tactics – how to get you to buy, and how to get you to doubt the piece you bought from someone else so that you will return it and buy from them. Does this seem cold and harsh? We see it all the time.

So how do you know if you local jeweler is a genuine, credentialed jeweler or not? If the sales person, or person working on your piece says something bad about it, what is he basing it on? How can you tell if it’s just a sales tactic to get you to buy from him? If he is giving you any information about whether or not your gemstone or diamonds are genuine or not, he must have certain credentials in order to evaluate the stones. Evaluating any stone, be it a colored gemstone or a diamond, is a very tricky process requiring extensive expertise and knowledge. If the local jeweler cannot produce any credentials upon request that certify him to identify gemstones and diamonds in someone else’s piece, they are not a credentialed jeweler. If they can produce a paper, be wary – anyone can print out a piece of paper. What you are looking for is credentials such as a “Graduate Gemologist Degree” from The Gemological Institute of America. This is the most trusted credential. You can read about the GIA credentials course at GIA Graduate Gemologist Program.

Make sure you compare the name of the sales person with the name on the Certificate. The credential should look something like this:

If you are told something bad about your Designer Laurie Sarah Jewelry, before you take their word for it, remember all the research you did before you bought from us. You searched our reviews, heard what others had to say, found out that we have been in business for over 40 years (and believe me, we wouldn’t have stayed in business this long if our jewelry was not completely awesome!), and read our story. We are not some big, faceless organization. We are a small, family owned Custom Jewelry Designer with decades of integrity behind our belt.

If, and this is a huge IF, it is found that there is a genuine issue of integrity with your Laurie Sarah Jewelry, give us the proof and we will refund your entire purchase in full, even if it means going above and beyond our policies. Why can we offer this? Because we are confident that this will never happen, and we stand behind our jewelry 100%!

Moral of the story? We are here for you. If you have any issues, just contact us. We have our Laurie Sarah Warranty and Laurie Sarah Lifetime Care Plan in place for all your concerns. We’ll address all your warranty questions and make sure that you are absolutely happy with every Laurie Sarah purchase!

(Getting down off my soap box)
Part of your Forever,
Laurie Sarah & Avo

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