How your Laurie Sarah Jewelry is created from scratch – Simple Customization


Hi guys – Laurie Sarah here! In this blog I’m going to show you the exciting way my husband Avo and I design your jewelry!  Each client’s process can be just a little different, but we’re going to walk you through how we made this client’s solitaire ring for her sapphire!  We can provide the gem or diamond for your simple setting, or you can send us yours to set.


Because Avo and I have chosen not to expand our business and become one of “the big guys”, this means we can only create a certain number of custom pieces per month.  We have tried hiring others to help us in the past, but just find that they never have the passion we have for each piece we create.  We enjoy being involved with each design!  When you are ready for us to begin your piece, you will be asked to purchase your place in line, so to speak.  This initial amount is fully refundable until you approve your quote.  This is not a fee or additional amount of money.  Once you approve your quote it is applied towards the cost of your Laurie Sarah piece.  Here is the link to purchase!

Down Payment for your Custom Designed Laurie Sarah Jewelry


To begin, check out this blog that shows what every Laurie Sarah piece comes with (including our Lifetime Care Plan!):

Lifetime Care Plan


We also mail our a free ring sizer with each order.  Even if you’re very sure of your ring size, sometimes ring sizers can vary between jewelers so we like to verify your size with our sizer to be sure.  Here is a blog showing how to accurately measure your ring size:

What are my options for sizing my ring? Especially if it is full eternity or has lots of gorgeous detail?


Because the largest part of your quote is typically the center stone, I begin by asking you what gem or diamond you want, the color, cut and size you want.  Then I ask you questions about the design.  Once I feel I have enough information for your quote, I will give that to you along with the details of what I’m quoting.  Upon your approval, your deposit is now applied towards your Laurie Sarah piece and is non-refundable.  It’s time to begin!

So in this case, our client already had a center stone.  She just wanted us to design a beautiful setting for her gorgeous, royal blue sapphire.

If you need us to help you choose your center stone, I’ll help you choose the size, shape and stone you want!  I can even arrange to ship stones to you if you like!

In this case, our client drew out some ideas of what she wanted the simple setting to look like.  You can see by her drawings that she wanted something almost flower-like!  She chose Platinum for the metal.  We gave her a quote, set up a personal link for her with all the details of her ring and got started on the first set of computer sketches for her!

When we do computer sketches of your ring, we can even put it on a computer hand that has your ring size so you get the perfect perspective of how it will look like on!

Here is one of the first sketches we did for her.

Upon seeing it, she decided against the double shank and asked for some changes to the head of the ring.  Here is draft 2.

After a little more back and forth (which can include a personal phone call if you like) here is the final sketch she approved!  She then paid half of the amount due and we made the ring!

1 view
How a Simple Custom Laurie Sarah Ring is made finished ring

Here are pictures of the finished ring!  We uploaded these into her personal link and upon her approval and final payment, the ring was shipped to her fully insured!

We can’t wait to start on your custom design!


Laurie Sarah & Avo

Laurie and Avo Portrait

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