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Hi guys – Laurie Sarah here! In this blog I’m going to show you the exciting way my husband Avo and I design your jewelry!  Each client’s process can be just a little different, but we’re going to walk you through how we made this bride’s bridal set!


Because Avo and I have chosen not to expand our business and become one of “the big guys”, this means we can only create a certain number of custom pieces per month.  We have tried hiring others to help us in the past, but just find that they never have the passion we have for each piece we create.  We enjoy being involved with each design!  When you are ready for us to begin your piece, you will be asked to purchase your place in line, so to speak.  This initial amount is fully refundable until you approve your quote.  This is not a fee or additional amount of money.  Once you approve your quote it is applied towards the cost of your Laurie Sarah piece.  Click here to purchase!

Down Payment for your Custom Designed Laurie Sarah Jewelry


To begin, check out this blog that shows what every Laurie Sarah piece comes with (including our Lifetime Care Plan!):

Lifetime Care Plan


We also mail our a free ring sizer with each order.  Even if you’re very sure of your ring size, sometimes ring sizers can vary between jewelers so we like to verify your size with our sizer to be sure.  Here is a blog showing how to accurately measure your ring size:

What are my options for sizing my ring? Especially if it is full eternity or has lots of gorgeous detail?


Because the largest part of your quote is typically the center stone, I begin by asking you what gem or diamond you want, the color, cut and size you want.  Then I ask you questions about the design.  Once I feel I have enough information for your quote, I will give that to you along with the details of what I’m quoting.  Quotes are good for 30 days.  If you have waited more than 30 days to approve your quote, feel free to check with us to see if there are any updates to it.  Upon your approval, your deposit is now applied towards your Laurie Sarah piece and is non-refundable.  It’s time to begin!


This bride chose the gemstone Morganite for her center stone.  Morganite comes in many shades, so picking the right color was very important to our bride.  To help her narrow down the color she was looking for, we showed her this blog:

Colors of Morganite by Laurie Sarah

Once she picked her color, we actually shipped her 2 morganites to choose from so she could see them in the comfort of her home!  On the right are the two she wanted to see after seeing pictures and videos of them.


Next was figuring out how big to make the morganite.  She wanted the ring (including the halo of diamonds around the morganite) to perfectly cover the width of her finger.  Here’s a blog we showed her to help her choose the size:

Round Cut Morganite – which size is right for your ring? Let Laurie Sarah help you choose!


Once we knew the exact morganite we would be using, based on our discussions of what she wanted for the design, I updated her quote.  Because there was a large number of diamonds, my quote was approximate until I knew exactly what the carat weight would be.  For most clients I’m able to give a solid quote right away.  If my quote is approximate, the client is told so they know.  Quotes are good for 30 days.  Once the quote is approved, payments become non-refundable.  This is because we will start incurring expenses that are non-refundable to us.  However, if, along the way, you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!  We are here to help make sure it’s absolutely perfect for you!  If you approve your quote after 30 days, just check in with us so that we can make sure nothing changed.

Once she approved her quote, I set up a personal, private link for her that only she could see.  In it were all the details of her order.  Upon her approval of the link we were ready to begin the designing process!!


Computer sketches are images that the computer generates.  Gold and stone colors may not be exactly like reality, but close enough for you to get a great idea of what it will look like!  The first sketches were done to help her see what the various sized morganites would look like on her finger.  With the computer, we can show a computer hand that has the same ring size as the client, so you get the accurate perspective of how the ring will look on in reality!  Here you see two sizes of morganite – as you can see by the sketch on the left, the original morganite she chose was too large for the look she wanted.  She went with the size on the right.  This meant an adjustment to her quote which she approved.

Next was figuring out the wedding band.  Whenever possible, we always recommend that the wedding band be designed along with the engagement ring.  Too many times we’ve seen a bride design her dream ring only to later find out that the wedding band she wanted didn’t work with its design.  This bride was considering a couple different styles.  At first she wanted something that complemented her ring, but then ultimately decided to go with a perfectly matching band.  The other thing we showed her with the computer sketch was how high the ring would sit off her finger.  At first it was higher than she wanted so we worked with her to design the wedding band so the ring could sit lower on her finger.

After several different versions of the ring, personal phone calls, inspirational pictures that were emailed back and forth, and lots of hard work on our part, here are the final sketches she approved!!

The quote was finalized one last time and we uploaded her finalized computer sketches into her personal link!  We divided the balance due into 2 equal payments.  She paid the next payment and we made the rings!  Here are the pictures of her completed Laurie Sarah Rings!

How a Custom Laurie Sarah Ring is made finished engagement ring
How a Custom Laurie Sarah Ring is made finished wedding band

Once her rings were complete, we uploaded the pictures of them into her personal link.  Upon her approval and final payment, they were shipped fully insured to her!

She loved them!! (As do I!!)  Now once she got them, she found that they were just a little too snug on her.  So, per our Lifetime Care Plan that comes with all our pieces, we sent her a free fully insured shipping label and instructions on how to ship the rings back to us.  We sized them for free and now they are perfect!  Although custom orders are non-refundable, if you have any questions about your Custom Jewelry when you receive it, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are here to help!  Unless otherwise stated, we may take a mold of your custom piece to use in the future.  All designs we create are owned by us.

Here is our happy bride showing off her Custom Designed Laurie Sarah Rings!

And here we are so you can put names to our faces!  Thank you for letting us custom design your jewelry!


Laurie Sarah & Avo

Laurie and Avo Portrait

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