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Why did I lose stones from my ring? Why did my ring or prong bend?

We know that losing stones from your ring, or having it bend can be very distressing.  Especially if it’s your first piece of fine jewelry.  My husband and I have written this blog to help you understand why this sometimes happens.  Just like a car, rings require routine maintenance, and sometimes if they get into an accident, they require professional help.  We’re always here..

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Laurie Sarah’s Basic Jewelry Care

Every piece of Laurie Sarah Jewelry you purchase is a fine work of art. Just like a priceless vase, or an expensive painting, knowing how to care for your art will minimize repairs and increase the longevity of your beautiful jewelry. The following is Laurie Sarah’s basic Jewelry Care Guide. So my husband and I (and my whole staff for that matter) get quite..

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Morganite Care and Cleaning

Caring for your beautiful Morganite jewelry is easy. Because Morganite is 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, it is a relatively hardy gemstone. Follow these basic guidelines for Morganite Care and Cleaning, and your Laurie Sarah Morganite Jewelry will stay beautiful for generations to come. STORAGE Anytime you take your Morganite jewelry off, store it in a safe, secure place. Place it in a jewelry..

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