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I cannot say enough amazing things about my husband Avo.  He is first and foremost an artist.  When you come to us, you are in contact with me.  I help you with your online order, or I am the one that helps design your custom order.  Once everything is set, Avo works with our talented Computer Sketch Artist.  Once cast, your jewelry is made completely by hand by us.  Other family members assist along the way, making us a Truly Handmade, Family Run Small Business.

I began making jewelry to be able to afford my next college meal.  Avo began setting diamonds when he was only 12 years old in Lebanon!  By the time he was 19, he had many employees working for him – all of them making stunning pieces of jewelry by hand.  The civil war forced Avo to move to the United States where he continued his passion from his manufacturing studio in Historic Downtown Los Angeles.  This is where Avo and I met.  When I needed a diamond setter, I was introduced to him by a fellow jeweler as “The best diamond setter in Los Angeles!”  I knew I was in good hands.

After I lost my late husband to cancer, I revived my jewelry business in order to support my three small children.  I once again contacted Avo who, at the time, was looking to expand his business into the internet.  We began a collaboration that would eventually lead to the birth of Laurie Sarah Designs.  Out of the darkest time of my life, a new rose sprung up.  Avo and I became close and were married.  Now we create each piece together, using our combined 60+ years of experience.  We truly pour our heart into each piece we create.  We like to think that a little bit of our love for each other passes on to each wearer.

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Round Cut Morganite – which size is right for your ring? Let Laurie Sarah help you choose!

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Laurie Sarah & Avo

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